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1. Hello Friend! 
Hey, man, good to see you. 嗨,幸会。
Good to see you too, I think. 幸会……,大概。
Good afternoon, sir. 下午好,先生。
At ease. 休息。
Good evening, how are you? 晚安,你好吗?
Hello, Randy. Is he going to be taken care of? 喂,蓝迪,你肯把那家伙收拾掉吗?
Sure thing, boss. All in a day's work. 当然,头,这是家常便饭。
Hi, Joe! 嗨,乔!
Hello, Tom, what's happening? 你好,汤姆,怎么啦?
Morning, Alice. 早上好,爱丽斯!
Bye! Have a good day. 再见!请慢走! 
Bye! 再见啦!
Good morning, dear. 早,亲爱的。 

2. This Happy Feeling (1) 

Internet is number one! 国际互联网真是顶呱呱!
We finally made it. 我们终于做到了!
Well done! Bond, you've done it! 好极了!邦德,干得好!
Yay, a hole in one! 嘿!一杆进洞!(一击必杀?)
Oh well, better luck next time. 算了,下次的运气会更好。
Steady wins the race. 从容就是赢得比赛的诀窍。
Chase the nice bone, doggie. 狗兄,去追那可口的骨头啊。(俚语,不用解释了吧?)
Tell me, is it a boy? 喂,你是男孩吗?
Come on, honey. 过来,亲爱的。
He swept her off her feet. (俗语)他对她可着迷了。
Beautiful! 漂亮!(和美丽可没关系呦。)
Hey, guy, we're rich. 嘿,伙计,我们发财了! 

3. This Happy Feeling (2) 

What skill! What luck! What fun! 多有本事!多么走运!多令人兴奋!
You sucker! 江湖郎中!
You want me to shut him up, guy? 哥们,要不要我把它办掉?
Best wishes to you both. 祝你们俩无比幸福!
Hurray! 万岁!
I always get my man. 我是不会让他从我的眼皮底下溜走的。(意译)
How did you do it? 你是怎样达成它的? 
Congratulation! 恭喜!
Bottoms up! 干杯!
We did it. 干的好!
Thanks guys, you won the games for us. 谢谢大家,能赢得比赛,委实是托大家的福。
I owe it all to you. 全是托您的福。
Good work. 做得很棒!
Envy. 羡慕。
It's your fault. 全让你给搞砸了。
No, man. You're the one who blew it. 不,老兄,你才是败事的一个。 

4. I'm So Mad at... (1) 

What's goes on here? 什么事?(不情愿的语气)
What are you doing talking to my girl friend? 你小子跟我的女人搭讪,居心何在呀?
Uh-oh, here comes my boy friend, he's insanely jealous. 噢,我男朋友过来啦,他可是个大醋坛子呦。
Out, rat! 滚出去,老鼠!
Hey, you break it up! 喂,住手啦!
How! A fight! 哗,打架啦!
Ouch! That hurts. 好痛呦!会受伤哩!
Billy, get off the doggie's tail. 比利,得扰人处且饶人,放他一马吧。
Paint the porch, fool, or else. 傻瓜,快去漱漱口,不然哪(把你的牙全拔了)。
Cut it out, my name is Fred, not Fool! 你给我住嘴,我的名字是Fred,不是傻瓜! 
Love makes the world go round. 爱能感动世界。 

5. I'm so mad at... (2) 

Here, have some coffee on me. 来,我请你喝咖啡。
I'll have some on you all right. 好吧,我要挂你的帐喝它个痛快。(多没人性呀!)
Our leader is more devious than your leader. 我们头儿比你们的要棋高一筹。
B.S. our leader invented the word? “胡说八道”这个词是咱们领导创造的吧?
The pen is mightier than the sword. 笔利于剑。
Cad! Cur! Beast! 无赖!流氓!杂种!(可不要到处对人乱讲哟)
Omph! 唔!
Ahh! 啊哈!
Gee, don't be mad, dear, red looks good on you. 喏,亲爱的,别生气呀。红颜色对于你再合适不过了。
Look what you did, squirt! 小子,你仔细看看你做的好事!
Cool it man,I'm sorry. 对不起,请您息怒。
Auck, don't hit me! I'm an innocent bystander. 啊呦,别整我,我只是个旁观者。
Snort! I didn't do anything wrong! 哼哼,我没做错什么事啊。
Out! 滚出去!
I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean it. 对不起,老兄,我并没有恶意。
Fool, you added this bill up wrong! 笨蛋,你把账单加多了!
So I made a mistake, big deal! 我真是错得离谱了。 

6. I'm So Sad... (1) 

Broke again. 又破产了。
That was my last one, too. 那可是我最后额财产了。 
Sigh. He doesn't even know I'm alive. 啊啊,他一直都不知道我还活着。
The only feasting I do these days is in my dream. 这几天我只能在梦中享受山珍海味了。
I lost two teeth, my contract, and the game. (意译)福无双降,祸不单行;黄鼠狼单咬病鸭子。
Sob, I lost. 呜呜,我又输了。
He tricked me. I hate him. 他耍弄了我,好恨他。
Johnny doesn't like me. 乔妮不喜欢我。
I blew it. 我们吹了。
I'm all washed up. 我都完事了(筋疲力尽了)。
Joe was really a rat. 乔(生前)是个十足的大骗子。(咒骂) 
Shh! He'll hear you. 咻,小声点,他会听到的。 

7. I'm So Sad... (2) 

Good-bye, cruel world. 永别了,残酷的世界啊。
I wish you wouldn't go this way. 我希望你不必落得这样的下场。
Sigh, I'm so hungry. Can I have a bite? 噢,我肚子饿了。我可以吃一口吗?
No! Yum, gorge, glut. 不行,嚼嚼!你这讨厌鬼。
I'll drown my sorrows. 我要消愁解闷。
Sob! I didn't mean to kill it. I'm sorry birdie. 呜呜,我无意要杀死你。对不起,小鸟。
Ooo! I can't look. 唔,我不忍心在看下去了。
Goodness, I do hope this isn't a loud gun. I hate noise. 但愿这不是一把会发出巨响的手枪。俺不喜欢噪音。(自杀者的话)
Will it hurt? 不知道会不会受伤?
I'll rip him apart with my hands. 我要亲手把他撕成碎片。(好恐怖) 

8. A Shy Little Kitten (1) 

The little boy grew red at the sight of the cute girl. 那个男孩子见到可爱的女孩而满脸通红。
She is afraid he'll think her a pig. 她怕他会像对猪般的厌恶她。
Don't be shy, dear. 亲爱的,你别害羞嘛。
I'm ashamed. I couldn't tell you my love. 我真的不好意思,爱你在心口难开呀。 
They feel uneasy. 他们因不安而没法镇定下来。
Behave yourself, or I'll shot. 乖乖听命,不然我就开枪。
The audience laughs. 观众在大笑。
He is embarrassed because he made a mistake. 他因为弄错而显得很窘。
She blushes for him. 听了他的话,她羞红了脸。
You should see my wife in a bikini... She's a knockout. 你应该看看我太太穿比基尼的样子,致命眩晕。 

9. A Shy Little Kitten (2) 

She lost her dignity. 她失去了镇定。
She is timid and completely at a loss what to do. 她羞臊得不知所措。
Yak, yak, yak. 哇哇哇!(好像是装出呕吐的样子) 
I told you, my mom could beat your pop. 告诉你,我妈要把你爸揍一顿。
Ahh, shucks! 哈哈,没关系。
He is pinned down by the demonstrators. 他被示威的队伍给钉住了。
She felt awkward. 她想到受到惩罚时的尴尬。
He will be too afraid to do anything. 他害怕得什么都不能做了。
Nice guy! 好家伙!
Bully! 暴徒!
Have a little wine, punk. 小伙子,喝一点酒吧。(可以缓解一下精神紧张)
The drunk humiliates the gentleman. 醉酒使得这位绅士丢人现眼。
He is teasing a friend. 他在愚弄朋友。 
He feels awkward. 他感到困惑。
She likes you a lot. 她对老兄你很倾心。
I could die. 简直(爱得)要死了。(注意语气)
Losing her eyelash cause her to blush for shame. 她因为弄丢了假睫毛,羞得面红耳赤。 

10.How Terrible! 

Oh, on! A ghost! 哇!有鬼呀!
My goodness! A snake! 天呀!有蛇!
His eyes will pop out in astonishment. 他因为害怕而瞪大了眼睛。
Frightened to death. 吓死人了。
Shook up. 吓住。
I've lost my nerve. 我失去了勇气。
She is scared to death. 她吓得半死。
How awful. 多可怕呀! 
He is shocked. 他受到了打击。
She will be amazed when she wakes up for dinner. 她要是在吃晚餐的时候醒来。必定会大吃一惊。
OPPS! 哇!
He is surprised. 他大为惊讶。
She cried with shock. 她因受惊吓而喊叫。
She was so stunned, that she couldn't speak. 她惊愕得说不出话来。
The crowd gasped with astonishment. 大家惊讶的屏住呼吸。
He surprised them, so they gave up quietly. 他出其不意地袭击了他们,因此他们乖乖地投降了。
They jumped at the unexpected noise. 他们因突如其来的声音吓得跳了起来。
She screamed in astonishment. 她惊吓得发出尖叫。
He was so startled that he yelled. 他惊吓得高声喊叫。
He turned white with amazement. 他害怕得脸都苍白了。
Got all in a panic. 惊恐万分。

11. I Think... (1)

She looks like my type. 她看起来像我喜欢的那种类型。
He seems to be the most muscular guy. 他看起来似乎最魁伟。
I believe I'm the strongest. 我相信我是最强壮的。
I know I'll win. 我一定会赢的。
Let's see who's right. 让我看看谁是对的。
I have confidence in myself. 我对自己颇具信心。
I suppose he's coming to us. 我才他会到这来的。
I've always respected him. 我一直很尊敬他。
I never expected him to be so great. 我没有想到他会是那么了不起。
I must be the first. 我一定要得第一。
I may be the first. 说不定我得第一。
She is supposed to be one of the best singers. 大家认为她是最有名气的歌星。
I wonder if it's a real diamond. 它可是地道的钻石呀。
I think this is a fake diamond. 我想这是假钻石。 

12. I Think... (2) 

I bet he's the best. 我敢打赌他是最棒的。
No everybody puts the highest values on him. 不,人人对他都有最高的评价。
I think his fish is a little bigger than mine. 他的鱼似乎比我的大了一点。
Maybe mine is the bigger. 我的或许更大些。
It is clear that fish is bigger than others and wins the championship. 这一条明明比其他的大,而且会获胜的。
It's going to crash! Why? 要下坠了,究竟怎么啦?
I don't know, sir, but I guess the computer made some mistake. 不知道呀,好像是电脑出了故障了。
This is your last chance. I believe you can make it. 这时你最后的机会,我相信你会成功的。
I'm sure I'll be President. 我必定会当选总统。
I doubt he'll win the election. 我怀疑他是否能赢得选举。
I think he's no good. 我想他不行。
I'm willing to bet he'll lose. 我愿意赌他输。
I think that's the guy-he's a killer. 我想那家伙是个杀手。
Must be. 一定是。
I'm afraid the pollution will kill us all. 公害可能把我们都逼死。
I've realized that we should stop the pollution. 我明白必须阻止公害的原因了。 

13. I Guess... 

I'm afraid the crash was because of your fault. 抱歉,我怕这次坠毁是你弄砸的缘故。 
I guess you're right. It seems I'll be grounded. 我想你说得对,我看我该转到地勤了。
I hope I'll get a big pay raise. 但愿薪水大大提高一下。
I suppose it might be gold. 说不定是金子啊。
No, it can't be gold. 不,它不可能是金子。
I imagine it was part of a dinosaur. 我猜那是恐龙的一部分骨骼。
This will be the biggest fish ever. 这是前所未见的大鱼吧?
Guess! I hope you'll like it. 猜猜看!我想你会中意的。
What can it be? 它是什么呢?
I expected No.2 to win. 我以为2号会赢。 

14. I Agree... 

Women have the same rights as you! 女人也和你一样享有同等权力!
No! Women should stay at home. 不,女人应该呆在家里!
Dear, you'll be home right after work, won't you? 亲爱的,你做完工作会直接回家是吗?
I'll try, but I may have to work late. 就这样办,不过,昨晚工作怕要很晚了。
So, you see... 所以啊,你该知道……
I may be wrong, but your theory is all wrong, professor. 也许我不对,不过,教授您的理论是完全错了。
Please sign. 请你签字。 
No, I don't want to. 不,我不希望那样。
Gentlemen! Can't you agree on anything? 先生们,可否赞成一项? 

15. I Plan... 

I thought he could design the most beautiful department store, but... 我想他能设计出最漂亮的百货商场,不过……
The designer is working hard on a new project. 设计师在努力筹划新颖的设计项目。
The concert will be held September 14 at 10 a.m. 该演奏会预定于9月14日10时举行。
After Flagstaff, we'll go to San Diego. 到佛拉格斯塔夫之后,我们去圣迭戈吧。
To plan a vacation trip. 计划休假的旅行。
The spacecraft is scheduled to arrive at Saturn next year. 太空船预定明年到达土星。
Our plan is the best and the safest, you see. 正如你所见到的,我们的计划是最完美,最安全的。
Why don't you change your route? 你们为什么不变更路线呢?
The U.S. will take one route, the Japan take other. 美国和日本采取不同的新路径。
To plan a mountain climbing expedition. 计划登山探险。
Now, let's find some new girls. 现在让我们寻找一些新的女孩子。
He is planning his future already. 他已经在为将来做打算了。
You use the front door and I'll hit the back. 你从正门进去,我袭击后面。 
OK. Your plans are always successful. OK,你的计划常常无往不利!
The gangsters are planning a robbery. 一伙强盗在计划抢劫。
If his plan works, he'll earn 100 million in 10 years. 如果按照他的计划做,十年就能挣到一亿元了。
changed mind 改变主意
perish the thought 打消念头 
Learning is better than house and land. 学问是一生的财富。 

16. May I Ask You... ? 

Could I speak to you, please? 我可以跟你谈话吗?
Aren't you dressed too formally? 你穿的不是太正式化了吗?
She feels pity for him. 她同情他。 
What happened, guy? 怎么了,伙计?
Do you like football? 你喜欢足球吗?
Sure. Are you a pro-golfer? 当然了。你是指也高尔夫球手吗?
Didn't you order this? 你不是订下这道菜了吗?
Could you carry my doggie for me? 你能替我带我的小狗吗?
What can I do? 我该怎么办哪?
Why are you yelling? 你在嚷什么?
I wonder why they're angry. 伙计,他们为什么生气? 

17. Is That... ? 

Will she like it? 她会喜欢它吗?
I wonder what he's doing. 我不知道他在做什么。
Tell me where I can post them. 请问,哪里有投信的邮筒? 
The mailbox is over there. 邮筒就在那儿。
I think he's still in bed. 我想,他还赖在床上。
What is he doing today? 今天他在做些什么?
They imagine, what he is doing. 她们在猜他所做的事。
What will the weather be like tomorrow? 明天将是什么样的天气呀?
Is the plane leaving? 飞机要起飞了吗?(将来时,而不是进行时)
What is your girlfriend's name? 你女朋友的芳名是?
Can I take my vacation, sir? I would like to see my mother in Miami. 头,我可以休假吗?我要去探望在迈阿密的母亲。
Jenny, does she really live here? 珍妮,你真的在迈阿密有母亲吗?
Could you give me some comments? 你有什么感想吗?
Don't you think she's cute? 你不认为她很可爱吗?
I guess so, honey. 嗯,真的。
How do other racers feel? 他的赛车同伴怎么想?
Who's the second? 下一位是谁?
You saw that movie, didn't you? Was it interesting? 你看过这部电影了吧?精彩吗?
Yes, but I don't want go downtown. 是的,但是我不希望上街。
Will our baby be a boy? 我们的小宝宝是男孩吗?
How much will the hospital bill be? 住院费大概是多少钱? 
Didn't I tell you he's same size to me? 我没有说过他和我一样大小吗?
Wasn't he a little bigger than you? 他不是块头比你大一些吗?
How was it, sir? 它好吗?先生。
The dinner was superb. Who cooked it? 菜太棒了!谁做的?你吗? 

18. Could You... ? 

Would you please put it on top? 能请你把它放在最上面吗?
We demand better pay. 我们要求增加工资。
Please be reasonable. 请别做无理的要求。
Dad, do you mind if we use this room? 爸,我们可以使用这个房间吗?
Will you marry me? 你肯嫁给我吗?(说这句话的时候,眼睛一定要看着她的眼睛。)
Would you take them to my room? 能送到我的房间吗?
Officer, give me a break. 警官,请恕我打扰一下。
I've got four kids at home and no wife. 我有四个由我父兼母职的孩子。(又当爹,又当妈,好辛苦。)
Would you meet me 3:30? 你能在三点版和我见面吗? 

19. Do It, Now. 

I can't help it, sir. 我也无能为力,先生。
You've got no ID card, boy! 你是小孩吧,怎么没带身份证呀。
But I'll pay. Why not? 但是我付钱啊,不行吗?
You're way behind schedule. 你比预定的落后了。
Get out of the car! You're drunk. 下车,你这家伙!喝醉了吧!
Sorry, sir. But it's our graduation day. 对不起,不过,今天是毕业的日子嘛。
Fly me to Cuba. I hijack the plane. 飞往古巴。这架飞机我要了!(劫机,好可怕呀。)
Give me the rocket and boat, and I'll give you a sucker. 把那火箭和快艇给我,我就给你棒棒糖。
Don't trust him, he's lying. 别相信他,他在乱盖。
Son! Don't make suck a noise when you eat. 儿子,吃饭的时候不可以发出声音。
Hi, thief! Would you stop that music for me? 喂,小偷兄,你能替我把音乐关掉吗? 
Who is it? Come down. 是谁?下来。
Who cares! 我不在乎!
I don't care what you say. 我不在乎别人怎么说。 

20. Oh, No, No... (1) 

Oh, no! Not today, please! 哦,不要!今天就饶了我吧。
No, Jack. You must go on. 不行,杰克。你必须继续下去。
Hello! I'm from ABC Insurance. May I speak to you? 您好,我是从ABC保险公司来的。我可以跟您谈谈吗?
Nobody's at home. 家里面没人。
No. Can't you see that rocket is almost falling down. 不。你不知道火箭快要倒下来了吗?
Make love not war! 要爱情不要战争。(美国反越战时期的口号。) 
No, No. You can't do it like that. 不行,不行。不能随你那样做。
You must go to the moon. It's your duty. 你必须上月球去,这是你的职责。
We won't go to war. 我们不希望诉诸于战争。
Stop it, Apollo! 阿波罗计划中止了。
I don't like working on Sunday. 我不喜欢在星期天工作。
This is our play road. 这里是我们游戏的地方。
We don't like them to pass through here. 我们不希望汽车通过这里。
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